Family Group Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Scientific Name
Vernacular Name Threat Status Distribution
Microhylidae Microhyla petrigena Tawi-tawi Island
Microhylidae Oreophryne nana Small Narrow-mouthed Frog Camiguin Island off the coast of Mindanao
Microhylidae Oreophryne anulata Montane Narrow-mouthed Frog Biliran and Mindanao Islands
Microhylidae Kaloula walteri Mountains of south-eastern Luzon Island and from Polillo Island
Microhylidae Kaloula kokacii Catanduanes Narrow-mouthed Frog Catanduanes Island and on several mountains of the Bicol Peninsula
Microhylidae Kaloula kalingensis Kalinga Narrowmouth Toad Central Cordilleras and possibly in the Sierra Madres;on northern Luzon Island; and Polillo and Palaui
Microhylidae Kaloula rigida Luzon Narrow-mouthed Frog Luzon (Baguio) in high elevations
Microhylidae Kaloula pulchra Malaysian Narrowmouth Toad Widespread in South and Southeast Asia, ranging from northeastern India to China on the mainland, throughout the Malay Peninsula and to Sulawesi in Indonesia
Microhylidae Kaloula picta Slender-digit Narrow-mouthed Frog Mindanao; Leyte; Negros; Mactan; Luzon; and Polillo Islands
Microhylidae Kaloula conjuncta Mindanao
Microhylidae Kaloula conjuncta Leyte; Carigara
Microhylidae Kaloula conjuncta Negros; Panay; Guimaras
Microhylidae Kaloula conjuncta Truncate-toed Narrow-mouthed Frog Central islands of Negros; Panay; Guimaras and Cebu, in many parts of Luzon including the adjacent smaller islands of Polillo and Marinduque; on Mindanao Island; Leyte Island; and the islands of Patnanungan; Jomalig; Catanduanes; Tablas; Romblon; and Sibuyan
Microhylidae Kaloula baleata Smooth-fingered Narrow-mouthed Frog Palawan
Microhylidae Kalophrynus pleurostigma Black-spotted Narrow mouthed Frog Mindanao; Leyte; Bohol; and Camiguin
Microhylidae Chaperina fusca Spotted-belly Narrow-mouthed Frog Mindanao; Palawan; and Jolo
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus pardalis Mindanao; Negros; Bohol; and Luzon
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus everetti Palawan
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus bimaculatus Southern Luzon; Bohol; and Mindanao
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus appendiculatus Rough-armed Tree Frog Basilan; Mindanao; Dinagat; Bohol; and Negros Islands