Family Group Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Scientific Name
Vernacular Name Threat Status Distribution
Microhylidae Kaloula walteri Luzon
Microhylidae Kaloula kokacii Luzon
Bufonidae Pelophryne lighti Light's Toad Mindanao Island
Bufonidae Pelophryne brevipes Short-footed Toad or Mindanao Toad Basilan Island, Mindanao Island
Bufonidae Pelophryne albotaeniata Palawan Toad Only known from Thumb peak and Mt. balabag on Palawan Island
Bufonidae Bufo philippinicus Philippine Toad Busuanga and Palawan Islands; Borneo, Java, Bali
Bufonidae Bufo marinus Giant South American Toad Throughout the Philippines;introduced
Bufonidae Ansonia muelleri Mueller's Toad Mindanao Island
Bufonidae Ansonia mcgregori Mcgregor's Toad Western Mindanao Island
Megophryidae Megophrys stejnegeri Mindanao Horned Frog Basilan; Biliran; Bohol; Dinagat; Leyte; Samar; and many parts of Mindanao, in the southern and eastern islands of the Philippines
Megophryidae Megophrys ligayae Horned Pelobated Palawan; Mindanao; Leyte; Samar; Bohol; and Sulu Islands
Megophryidae Leptobrachium tagbanorum Palawan Island
Megophryidae Leptobrachium mangyanorum Mindoro Island
Megophryidae Leptobrachium lumadrom Mindanao
Megophryidae Leptobrachium hasselti Hasselt's Pelobatid Recorded from Palawan, Mindanao, Bohol, and Mindoro Island
Bombinatoridae Barbourula busuangensis Philippine Discoglossid Palawan and Busuanga Islands
Caeciliidae / Ichthyophidae Ichthyophis mindanaoensis Mindanao Caecilian Restricted to lowlands forests of Mt. Malindang in Mindanao
Caeciliidae / Ichthyophidae Ichthyophis glandulosus Basilan Caecilian Basilan Island
Caeciliidae / Ichthyophidae Caudacaecilia weberi Palawan