Family Group Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Scientific Name
Vernacular Name Threat Status Distribution
Ranidae Rana moellendorffi Palawan, Culion and Busuanga
Ranidae Rana melanomenta Sulu Frog Papahag Island in the Sulu Islands
Ranidae Rana mangyanum islands of Mindoro and Sibay
Ranidae Rana luzonensis Luzon Island
Ranidae Rana igorota Taylor's Igorot frog Central Cordilleras, on northern Luzon Island
Ranidae Rana grandocula Basilan; Bohol; Camiguin Sur; Dinagat; Samar; and many parts of Mindanao Island
Ranidae Rana everetti Everett's Frog All over the Philippines except Palawan and Mindoro.
Ranidae Rana erythraea Green Pond Frog Negros and Panay
Ranidae Rana catesbeiana Introduced in the Philippines; native of North America
Ranidae Rana albotuberculata Leyte; Samar; and Mindanao Islands
Ranidae Platymantis taylori Sierra Madres,on north-eastern Luzon Island
Ranidae Platymantis subterrestris Mt. Data Cloud Frog only known from the Benguet and Mountain Provinces in Central Northern Luzon
Ranidae Platymantis spelaea Negros Cave Frog only known from a series of caves on coastal south-east Negros Island, where there is no remaining forest
Ranidae Platymantis sierramadrensis Sierra Madres,on north-eastern Luzon Island
Ranidae Platymantis rabori Rabor's Forest Frog occurs only on Bohol; Leyte; and Mindanao Islands
Ranidae Platymantis pygmaeus Pygmy Forest Frog Only found in the Isabela and Kalinga-Apayao Province in the Northern Sierra Madre Mountains on Northern Luzon Island
Ranidae Platymantis pseudodorsalis Mount Banahaw and Mount San Cristobal, on Luzon Island
Ranidae Platymantis polillensis Polillio Forest Frog Polillo Island
Ranidae Platymantis panayensis Western Panay Island
Ranidae Platymantis paengi Panay