Family Group Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Scientific Name
Vernacular Name Threat Status Distribution
Squamata (Serpentes) Viperidae Trimeresurus flavomaculatus Philippine Pit Viper RR: Polillo
Squamata (Serpentes) Viperidae Trimeresurus flavomaculatus Philippine Pit Viper RR: Bohol, Camiguin, Catanduanes, Dinigat, Jolo, Leyte, Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, Panay
Squamata (Serpentes) Viperidae Trimeresurus flavomaculatus Philippine Pit Viper RR: Philippines (Camiguin, Jolo, Luzon, Mindanao, Polillo, Bataan)
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops ruficaudus Brown Blind Snake RR: Philippines (Luzon, Tablas, Marinduque)
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops ruber Samar Blind Snake RR: Samar, Mindoro
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops marxi Marx's Worm Snake RR: Samar Island
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops manillae Manila Blind Snake RR: Luzon
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops luzonensis Luzon Blind Snake RR: Philippines (Luzon, Negros, Marinduque).
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops hypogius Cebu Blind Snake RR: Cebu
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops hedraeus Negros Island Blind Snake RR: Philippine Islands (including Mindanao, Camotes, Negros, Luzon, Bohol and Mindoro Islands).
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops collaris Light-collared Blind Snake RR: Philippine Islands, Mt. Anuling, Luzon Island
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops castanotus Brown-backed Blind Snake RR: Philippine Islands (West-Visayas, Negros, Panay, Boracay, Inampulugan)
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Typhlops canlaonensis Canlaon's Blind Snake RR: North (Mt. Canlaon) and south Negros Island
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops suluensis RR: Philippines (Sulu Archipelago, Bubuan Island)
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops olivaceus Olive Blind Snake Philippines (Samar, Bubuan), British Solomon Islands (Barbour 1914) Indonesia (Borneo, Sangihe I, Ceram = Seram, Ambon, Mysool)
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops cumingii Cuming's Blind Snake RR: Philippines (Mindanao, Polillo, Negros, Bohol, Marinduque, Panay)
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops braminus Brahminy blindsnake Native in Africa and Asia (inc. Philippines) but introduced in many parts of the world
Squamata (Serpentes) Typhlopidae Acutotyphlops banaorum Blind snake RR: Kalinga Province
Squamata (Serpentes) Hydrophiidae Pelamis platura Yellow-bellied Sea Snake Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean (Japan) South China Sea northward to the coastal regions of Zhejiang and Taiwan Persian Gulf (Oman etc.) to Bay of Bengal, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Malaysia, coasts of Malay Peninsula and Indoaustralian Archipelago to New Guinea Gulf of Thailand and Philippines, Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands, Korea Russia (S Primorskij Territory; Only one dead specimen was found in Russia: on the coast of the Sea of Japan, near Vladivostok city), Madagascar, Tanzania (Loveridge 1957), Australia (New South Wales, North Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, West Australia), New Zealand, Solomon Islands [McCoy 2000]. New Caledonia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama Colombia [Castro, pers. comm.], Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Peru.
Squamata (Serpentes) Hydrophiidae Microcephalophis gracilis Graceful small-headed or slender seasnake Indian Ocean (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar (= Burma), Thailand, Philippines) South China Sea northward to the coast of Fujian (China) Persian Gulf to Bay of Bengal (Oman, United Arab Emirates, Iran) Coast of Malaysia through Indoaustralian Archipelago to New Guinea, New Caledonia, Australia (Queensland), Melanesia, Indonesia